Literature Circles

Don’t forget! Chapters 7 and 8 jobs are due this Friday in class. I am making new bookmarks for you; until then, here are the descriptions of the responsibilities for each job: 

Artful Artist

The Artful Artist’s task is to choose an important or interesting scene from the reading, illustrate it and write a caption. Illustrations should be detailed and colored. Captions should be thoughtful, descriptive and written in complete sentences. 

Incredible Inquisitor

The Incredible Inquisitor’ task is to write 3-5 fat, juicy, double-double cheeseburger questions about the reading. Questions should spark discussion and cause the other members of the group to think. The Incredible Inquisitor never asks simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. 

Summarizing Superstar

The Summarizing Superstar’s task is to recap the events of the reading in 5-10 sentences. The Summarizing Superstar should give lots of details and explain what happened in his or her own words. 

Word Wizard

The Word Wizard’s task is to find 3-5 challenging or unfamiliar words and look up their definitions. Then, the Word Wizard will write a new sentence using each word that will help the group better understand the meaning of it. 

Vocab Quiz Wednesday

There will be a quiz in class on Wednesday, February 22 on the vocabulary words from The President’s Pets! Those words are: museum, memorabilia, capital, unusual, reside, executive, dedicated and confirm. 

There will also be a section on singular and plural nouns. Which nounes in this sentences are written incorrectly? 

It must be the uphill…

Monday 5/25/2010

6.4 miles

53.5 minutes

I think I have figured it out! I have been trying to determine why my knee hurts a lot when I run outside (I almost always run on the boardwalk) and why it never hurts too bad on the treadmill/elliptical (I almost always run on a little bit of an incline.) The boardwalk is entirely downhill from my house into Mission Beach- I think that the hard impact of the gradual decline is what bothers it. Today I decided to test that theory with a 6-mile uphill run into La Jolla and I was almost completely fine! I didn’t have to stop because of pain (or exhaustion) once, and I have to say I kept an impressive pace for myself considering I haven’t done too much over the past few weeks. (Is it safe to say I might actually be able to accomplish this a week and a half from now?)

Thursday 5/20

6 AM 30-minute low-impact elliptical session

Wednesday 5/19

Attempted a six-mile run, had to stop halfway between due to a reoccurrence of knee pain. My body is telling me to take it easy, but my mind is stressing out because the race is in less than three weeks. 

Tuesday 5/18

3-mile treadmill run with minimal knee pain! 

Sweet new sneaks call for a sweet new blog page design

Sweet new sneaks call for a sweet new blog page design

It’s the Bees-Knees

I’ve been gone from this blog for far too long. My apologies to my avid followers (ha, ha, yea right!) I must be a wuss and blame it on a knee injury, however. About three weeks ago, after my 7-mile run, I self-diagnosed myself with chronic knee pain (at least “chronic” enough to make me ban myself from running for three weeks.) I wasn’t totally inactive- I surfed and ellipticalled here and there, with the occasional distance bike ride in between. The pain seemed to go away, so this past weekend I took myself to Road Runner Sports to invest in a new, supportive, knee-friendly pair of shoes. They are incredibly helpful in there, by the way. I love their diagnostic system called Shoe Dog that they use- they videotape you running, scan your stance for heated pressure points, and talk to you one-on-one about your running style, stretching habits, distances, etc. before they match you up with the perfect pair of shoes. They set me up with a pair of Saucony Pro-grid Triumph 7’s and custom-made insoles for my seriously high arches. (All of the above cost a very pretty penny.)  Looks like I’m back at it for now…..

Rollerbladin’ Monday 4/19

There’s nothing quite like a good blading sesh when you can’t bring yourself to run. Monday Blues? Put some California sunshine tunes on the iPod, strap on those in-line skates and blade your way to blissfully toned buns. 

4+ miles down the PB/Mission Bay boardwalk